Subsidy home improvement: there is still much haziness about this. Renovation costs a lot of money, but there are a number of subsidies in the Netherlands that you can use.

Most people now know that there is a subsidy for solar panels, but did you also know that there are subsidies for isolate your home?

Types of subsidy

In the Netherlands we have 2 types of subsidies:

  • National subsidies
  • Local subsidies

Before you start renovating, it is therefore important to check whether there is a national subsidy. These can be found on the website of the Central government.

There are also local subsidies, which are different for each municipality and can be found on the website of the municipality in question.

A number of municipalities also give a subsidy for energy-saving measures, which can be found at

You can also find on the websites which requirements the subsidy have and how to apply for it.

National subsidies

Because it is impossible to go deeper into the local subsidies, we provide a brief overview of the most common subsidies below;

  • Solar panels
  • Isolate property
  • Remove asbestos
  • Green roof
  • Installation heat pump / solar water heater
  • Incentive loans
  • Reduced VAT rate

Solar panels

The time of the extreme subsidies on solar panels is over, but there are still a number of possibilities to get money back. From this year, the return subsidy, also known as the terugleversubsidie is introduced and you can reclaim the VAT within 6 months.

Isolate property

Since 2 September 2019, private individuals and homeowners associations can receive a subsidy for the insulation of a home. You must meet certain conditions for this. You can find more about the subsidieregeling energiebesparing eigen huis (SEEH) and the conditions on the website of the RVO.

Remove asbestos

Until the end of 2019 a subsidy could be obtained for the removal of asbestos roofs. Unfortunately, this subsidy appeared much earlier than expected.

Keep a close eye on the reporting, because there is a good chance that a budget will still be made available. Always check the municipality’s website to see if a local grant is available.

Green roof

A green roof is a lot more sustainable and is good for the environment. Applying for a subsidy for a green roof often goes through your own municipality. You can also find the conditions for this subsidy on the municipality’s website.

Installation heat pump / solar water heater

Installing a heat pump or solar water heater is good for the environment. This subsidy will expire on 1/1/2020.

Transitional period for private individuals

Transitional periods apply to private individuals:

  • Did you purchase, as a private person, a heat pump, or solar water heater, before 1 January 2020 for a building which the environmental permit was requested after 30 June 2018? And will you install it before 1 July 2020? Then you can still apply for a subsidy in 2020 within 6 months after the installation. This does not apply if the device is a pellet stove or a biomass boiler. (Source:

Incentive loans

The incentive loan is a loan that can be taken out on favorable terms. This allows you to have maintenance, renovation and / or restoration work carried out on your home.

Municipalities and provinces find it very important that you also invest in a good and pleasant living environment. The municipalities and provinces try to stimulate you with these loans.

You can find more about these promotional loans on the website of the SVn.

Reduces VAT rate

For some work on your home you do’t pay 21% VAT, but 9% VAT. This only applies if your home is older than 2 years.

The following activities you the 9% rate;

  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Isolating
  • Wallpaper
  • Cleaning (note: this does’t require the home to be older than 2 years)

Here also applies, look carefully at the conditions and discuss this in advance with your contractor, who can put this directly on the invoice.

Subsidy home improvement

Are you going to renovate and have any questions about subsidies, please contact us. All information and requirements can of course be found on the relevant websites. Always take a good look at the conditions and do not assume that you are entitled to a subsidy renovation.